Teaching Staff

Teaching staff Systems Oriented Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

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Birger Sevaldson

Birger Sevaldson is professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is chairman of the OCEAN design research association. He is trained as an interior architect and furniture designer and he has been practicing in various fields of design, including architecture and interior design, furniture design, industrial design and art based projects. He has a PhD in creative design computing and has been researching systems thinking in design for the last ten years. He is central in the development of Systems Oriented Design and his research focus is to develop systems oriented design thinking and practice for meeting the increased challenges of globalisation and the need for sustainability.  He publishes in various themes including Systems Oriented Design, creativity,  and research by design. Birger is member of the council of the Design Research Society.




 Linda Blaasvær

Linda Blaasvær is an designer with a master degree from AHO in systems oriented design. She is a lecturer in systems oriented design at AHO.


Manuela Aguirre

Manuela Aguirre is a PhD fellow at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design researching the role of Systems and Service Oriented Design in the Public Sector.  She is also dedicated part-time to the Systems Oriented Design course this fall semester 2013.  Before starting her PhD studies, Manuela was working in the intersection between health care and design thinking at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  As a service designer within Mayo Clinic´s Center for Innovation´s group, she worked on a diverse range of projects, spanning from practice redesign, experimenting with different outpatient care models to visioning activities with Mayo Clinic leadership on defining what is the future of Connected Care – and how will Mayo Clinic position itself in that new space.

Manuela has participated in the Global Service Jam twice, first by being a “jammer” in Oslo and then by co-hosting the Twin Cities first Global Service Jam in 2013.

Coming from an integrated design background, Manuela has progressively been more engaged in the Design for Social Innovation work and researching minority social groups.  Her Master Thesis, Designing for Dignity, done in collaboration with Jan Kristian Strømsnes, addressed the needs of a Sexual Assault Survivor (SAS) throughout their medical and legal care, by designing a holistic spectrum of system interventions.  In 2013, Designing for Dignity received the Young Talent Award given by the Norwegian Design Council and the Core77 Service Design Student Runner-Up recognition


Adrian Paulsen

Born 1986, Oslo, Norway. Adrian has originally an artistically oriented education and background. In 2010 he graduated with a Master of Design from Oslo School of Architecture and Design. In his master study he exchanged for one year to TAIK, Aalto University, Helsinki. His design interest and projects span from basic products and services to conceptual thinking and systems oriented design on topics of all scales. He is working as an assistant teacher and research assistant at the Systems Oriented Design master’s course and research project, at AHO besides working as a freelance designer with a wide variety of partners. Adrian is particularly interested in the topic of oil spill response, a topic in which he has done several projects, Including his system-oriented diploma assignment "Clean up our act or clean up after our acting (2010)."