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Design for Democracy is an education-based research program that started in the fall of 2016, but there were several projects that predated it.

The aim of the project is to develop the next generation of Design for Democracy. We think developing democracy is about practice and culturing rather than about theory. In short, it is about design. Design can play a crucial role in the development of the next generation of democracy.

Here is the link to the democracy files, a collection of resources regarding Design for Democracy.


A respocitory of sources to read up on the theme of democracy. Under construction



The master projects


Want to study Design for Democracy?



Design for Democracy is not new and we think we need to build on the existing work. But this needs to be developed further. Victor Margolin has been important in maintaining the agenda and provides an excellent overview in this lecture from 2012.


Victor Margolin: Democracy and Design in a Troubled World


The research project is in its initial phases based on the explorative research by design of the master students at AHO. The project is based on master studio courses, designed as education based research, in its built up phase. 

A larger dialogue was initiated with the 2017 RSD6 (Relating Systems Thinking and Design 6) Symposium at AHO 18th to 20th October  Read more here: >>>>>

Also we are contributing to the DEMOCRACY AND DESIGN PLATFORM initiative.

Read more about news, information, links and projects in the blog below. Any comments or initiatives for collaboration are welcome.


Advisory Council


Harold Nelson

Benedicte Wildhagen, Norwegian Design Council (