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Jan Kristian Strømsnes


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Through the course SOD (Systems Oriented Design) I have been working with Kwant Controls and looking into haptics implemented in the controller. The controller uses a haptic airflow that is designed to improve the operators performance and could be used in a safety system that gives tactile feedback to the user. The Controller is divided into two steps of power thrust, the first step is the average power thrust and the second step is when they need the extra power. The work bridge station is designed for the front bridge on the supply vessel. The work bridge is divided into to separate units with a open front, so that the operator can easily walk forward if a task has to be done. In my project i have been looking into branding, competitors, analysis of new areas that Kwant Controls can look into concerning safety. I have been looking into haptics and the understanding of what haptics can be. I have been on a supply vessel to get user experience and the understanding of how they operate in a supply vessel. The project has been a learning process in controllers and a part of the maritime sector. How to implement system thinking and looking into haptic solutions for a controller. My result is a visualization of what a haptic device could look like in the future and how to implement haptics as a tactile feedback tool

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