AHO 2013

Brukermedvirkning ABUP

This project is in Norwegian.

Dette er et service design prosjekt i Norsk offentlig sektor. Serivce design er et felt hvor man designer planer, organiseringer, kommunikasjon, infrastruktur og materiell for å skape nye tjenester eller forbedre eksisterende tjenester. Prosjektet er et nybrottsarbeid, det er ingen liknende prosjekter som har blitt gjort med design og psykisk helse tjenester. Det er benyttet utstrakt bruk av co-creation workshops og system design tenking for å møte og løse problemene til en av de viktigste tjenesten i Norsk offentlig sektor.











Students: Amra Osmanovik and Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen

 The systems, equipment and tools used to operate an oil and gas facility are becoming increasingly complex. The demand for energy efficiency and production optimisation has introduced tools that greatly increase the interdependencies between different components. New technology, such as wireless
devices, provides access to information which was previously hidden to the users. At the same time, organizational changes has introduced a different form of complexity as people are located far from the actual facility and need to collaborate across locations, technical disciplines and companies. The task is to
create a GIGA -map of the electrical, instrument, control and telecommunication installation at an oil and gas facility, including the different users and their relations. The process and the result is expected to be used to challenge engineers in how such complex installations are designed, and through this foster new thinking and innovation.






Process presentation. This shows some of the work done with Gigamapping and S.O.D. methodology




Here is the report from the project