AHO 2011

Filtering Maritime Traditions

Maren Stokke Moe and Kathinka Magnus

A redesign of the ship bridge based on reinterpreting maritime traditions and a deep investigation of the activities on board of off shore supply vessels.

in collaboration with the Ulstein Group.


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Beyond Risør

Marit Helgesen and Emilie Strømmen Olsen

In this project, we looked into how an organization in change can expand and take new directions. Our result is a visual organization design and an education programme developed for BeyondRisør.

BeyondRisør is a design organization located in Risør and recently became the

partner city with Danish non-profit organization, INDEX: Design to improve life. This puts BeyondRisør in a unique position to be the only design organization in Norway to promote design to improve life. Since BeyondRisør started up in 2005, they have arranged design biennials in their small town in the south of Norway. At their latest biennale, BeyondLight, things started to happen when the CEO of INDEX was one of the speakers.

We were asked to map possible directions the organization could take. The task itself was not clearly defined in the start and has evolved along with the project. The use of a systems oriented approach has been crucial to our design process and helped us to generate a holistic view and sort out the information in an understandable way. System oriented design is about understanding how systems thinking works and how to use it in design. During the semester, we have experienced how this way of thinking can seize un-defined problems and reveal solutions we didn’t know existed. We focused on developing a dynamic structure that can keep up with an always-changing situation.

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by Lea Brochard, Nicoletta Aveni

Developing a concept for redesigning new first line offices for the Norwegian Immigration Authorities

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Here is a video that was the final design delivery of a very complex project.

The video demonstrates how a series of orchestrated interventions in a solution derived from a deep analyses of a very complex system can be made accessible and communicative.

Project by Lea Brochard, Nicoletta Aveni AHO - Systems Oriented Design - fall 2011 Prof. Birger Sevaldson with Adrian Paulsen In collaboration with our partner UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), we have explored a new way of navigation in space, namely the “economy of signage”. Our proposal is the result of multiples findings, especially using GIGA-mapping as a tool to provide new guidelines for the 17 new offices which will be opened in Norway, starting from 2013. The result of our researches is a combination of 3 proposals, not only dealing with a physical space, but with an interior experience: 1. Making the Oslo office an example of beneficial way-finding 2. Providing guidelines to be implemented into upcoming offices (in respect of their locations, sizes, etc.) 3. Mapping of the senses.


Kwant Controls

Jan Kristian Strømsnes


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Through the course SOD (Systems Oriented Design) I have been working with Kwant Controls and looking into haptics implemented in the controller. The controller uses a haptic airflow that is designed to improve the operators performance and could be used in a safety system that gives tactile feedback to the user. The Controller is divided into two steps of power thrust, the first step is the average power thrust and the second step is when they need the extra power. The work bridge station is designed for the front bridge on the supply vessel. The work bridge is divided into to separate units with a open front, so that the operator can easily walk forward if a task has to be done. In my project i have been looking into branding, competitors, analysis of new areas that Kwant Controls can look into concerning safety. I have been looking into haptics and the understanding of what haptics can be. I have been on a supply vessel to get user experience and the understanding of how they operate in a supply vessel. The project has been a learning process in controllers and a part of the maritime sector. How to implement system thinking and looking into haptic solutions for a controller. My result is a visualization of what a haptic device could look like in the future and how to implement haptics as a tactile feedback tool

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By Linda Blaasvær, Manuela Aguirre, Renata Mikalauskaité


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Policy Support.net is an online platform that allows policy makers to access a network of trustworthy information when they are out in the field. Policy makers can ask specific questions and get them answered by a multidisciplinary community of experts in a collaborative, reliable, and efficient way.

This project is developed during a Systems Oriented Design course at AHO, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and in collaboration with the Policy Lab.

The project was done Derek Miller from Policy Lab as project partner


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