by Lea Brochard, Nicoletta Aveni

Developing a concept for redesigning new first line offices for the Norwegian Immigration Authorities

GIGA-map 600

Here is a video that was the final design delivery of a very complex project.

The video demonstrates how a series of orchestrated interventions in a solution derived from a deep analyses of a very complex system can be made accessible and communicative.

Project by Lea Brochard, Nicoletta Aveni AHO - Systems Oriented Design - fall 2011 Prof. Birger Sevaldson with Adrian Paulsen In collaboration with our partner UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), we have explored a new way of navigation in space, namely the “economy of signage”. Our proposal is the result of multiples findings, especially using GIGA-mapping as a tool to provide new guidelines for the 17 new offices which will be opened in Norway, starting from 2013. The result of our researches is a combination of 3 proposals, not only dealing with a physical space, but with an interior experience: 1. Making the Oslo office an example of beneficial way-finding 2. Providing guidelines to be implemented into upcoming offices (in respect of their locations, sizes, etc.) 3. Mapping of the senses.