Complexity and Other Beasts

Complexity and other Beasts is a project by graduate student Elisabeth Skjelten who co-operated with The Performance Group in Oslo, a leadership development consultancy. Some of the consultants at TPG have been using GIGAmapping for a while and there is a long term development relationship between TPG and the research at AHO in Systems Oriented Design. The challenge of the project was to make SOD and especially GIGAmapping accessible for more of the consultants at TPG.

The result was a small book that is a quick manual for dealing with complexity in general and for GIGA-mapping especially.





"This is a book for those who want to learn more about how to plan and facilitate mapping workshops. The book came about as a collaboration between myself (a Systems Oriented design and Service design master student) and The Performance Group (a management consulting company). Mapping and visualisation are in my mind the best ways to tackle complexity and other beasts. I have learned to use these tools from the world of design, but these tools can be just as useful in the world of business.

How to deal with complexity and other beasts is not a manual you can follow from A-Z, simply because there is no one recipe that fits all situations. But here is my collection of hopefully helpful tips and tricks meant to inspire and build confidence for mapping workshop newbies."


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Illustrations from the book by Elisabeth Skjelten

This booklet was evaluated by the jury as exceptionally well done and with very useful and easy to understand content. The project also won a price at the end of the year show AHO WORKS.  Elisabeth Skjelten intends to publish the booklet and we are currently investigating the possibilities so more content has to wait.