On the same page

ON THE SAME PAGE was a 2014 master studio project at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in collaboration with and serving Sykehjemsetaten, the directorate for elderly homes in Oslo.

Students: Line T. Bogen, Rickard Jensen, Liz LeBlanc, Simon Søgnen Tveit.

The project became real and real time when the needs of the directorate became urgent during a big reorganisation process involving a large numbers of eldrely homes.

The project developed graphic and designerly tools for the directorate to coordinate and communicate between a large number of personnel. Video documentation of planning meetings, (not shown here because of confidentiality) evidenced the effect of the tool before and after the implementation.


Here is the process book:


ON THE SAME PAGE process book from Birger Sevaldson



Here is a book collecting the groups many insights.




Here is the presentation. Though this is not fully functional without a presenter it provides some additional interesting information