Successful Seminar


The Relating Systems Thinking and Design seminar turned out to develop into a very nice and successful event. The mixing of theorizing presentations with practical ones and the mixing of experienced with less experienced people in the field was very pleasant.

Also the pre seminar PhD workshop and the post seminar core group meeting where successful and created enthusiasm.

We are now starting a discussion how to follow up the event.

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Dr. Harold Nelson was the keynote speaker at the first day



Colleen Ponto and Peter Coughlans lecture was integrated in the AHO lecture series.



Peter Jones (in front) was the keynote lecturer the second day



From the left Anita Woll, Sigrun Lurås, Peter Jones, Manuela Aguirre and Jan Kristian Strømsnes.



 Alex Ryan



Peter Jones, Harold Nelson and Raphael Laurenti.